Gold Apple Program

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In 2012, Telling Group, Ltd created the Gold Apple Program to focus on the larger middle market sector of value from ten to two hundred and twenty-five million.

Our focus will always be on our client’s needs, material preparation, and marketing, so that they can benefit from a higher value, with more cash at close than other brokers often achieve.

TGL’s team is staffed by talented people, some who have been with us for many years, each with a focus on excelling in their particular area.

The team’s charge is to do the work better than others, to reinvent ourselves to current standards, yet remain true to our Old Fashioned Values of hard work and honest dealing.  The creation of cutting edge marketing material, as well as the use of technology allows us to enhance our work and value.

The Gold Apple Program is focused on great businesses in the top quartile of financial performance in their sector,  complementing the sister Red Apple Program which focuses on Two to Ten Million dollar businesses.

Call us if we can help! We would be happy to supply references and meet with you, your attorney and/or CPA. You decide what it is that you need, and then call us if you wish to talk.  TGL looks to serve only a small group of clients; maybe we have a mutual fit that will be good for both companies.