Hear from our family.

The following words are just a few of the examples of the long list of satisfied clients who have successfully transitioned with the Telling Group. You are on your way to being the next transaction success story. Allow Ed Telling and the Telling Group team handle the sale of your middle market business.  Hear what they say in their own words.

Mark Bitz - Plainville Farms

Parting a six generation family business is no easy task. Yet, with Ed Telling’s integrity, marketing experience, contacts, counsel, and patience, the outcomes of the sale of our business far exceeded our expectations. Ed presented us with numerous offers, continuously encouraged us to wait for the right one, and surfaced an extraordinary match. Our buyers are people of integrity and have similar values. Their expectations for the business align with ours. The merger of their and our businesses creates significant synergies. Our employees are all being retained and have bright futures. And finally, the price was right.

In the end, the keys to achieving these outcomes were Ed’s abilities to understand and present our business in its best light, surface opportunities, and encourage patience. If you are considering selling your business, I would definitely talk to Ed Telling. We could not be happier with the work he did for us.

Had Fuller - Ascent Aviation Group Inc.
Had FullerSeveral years ago, I recommended Ed Telling to a friend of mine who was thinking about selling his business. It went very well, but I think about what a disaster it could have been if Ed Telling was less than the great friend and man I knew.

This past year I myself called upon Ed for his wisdom on the sale of my own company. He played the exact role I needed and I will be forever grateful that I called his number. If you are in need, you should call 607-756-4073 and speak to Ed. No disappointment here.

Kevin & Gloria Fear - Fear & Fear, Inc.

Our type of business was not an easy one to sell for several reasons, but having Ed Telling has our broker proved to be a positive answer to this. Ed is one of the hardest working, most ethical and “never give up” type of people we have ever had the pleasure of knowing. He gives 110% of his effort and time to everything he undertakes and strives for the best possible answers for his clients which he has done for us.

WeWe are grateful for his knowledge and expertise. Also, his ability to handle, in a very professional way, any situation which might arise. We highly recommend Ed Telling to anyone looking for an honest, hard working, professional and ethical person to sell their business.

Janet Beal - Tarco Steel
When I decided the time was right to sell my business, many questions needed to be answered as to the proper procedures for listing, marketing and confidentiality. In other words, I needed the advice and expertise of an M&A specialist that I could trust and potential buyers would be comfortable with.

Ed took the time to fully explain everything required of me as the seller, how he would use his very extensive network in his buyers search, his marketing strategy, buyer tours of the facilities while maintaining extremely tight confidentiality with regard to employees and customers and extremely valuable negotiating techniques as offers were presented.

Ed Telling is not only one of the most knowledgeable people in his field of expertise,he is also a tireless worker and a complete gentleman in every sense of the word. While it may not seem like it early on, when you finally consummate a successful deal under Ed’s guidance will find his services a real bargain.

Jeffrey Phillips Angelica - Phillips Forest Products

A few years back I decided it was time to think about selling my business. After speaking with various business brokers, I decided that Ed Telling had the aggressive determination needed to successfully sell my business.

Ed successively located several appropriate buyers, ultimately finding the right buyer for my business. He was supportive in helping me find the right people to take care of the technical and legal issues to help close the deal. I appreciate how Ed has continued to stay in touch, showing a genuine interest in my future and the continued success of my former business.

I appreciate Ed’s determination and strong work ethic that has helped me to move full – circle with the sale of my business. His efforts have enabled me and my former business to move forward and grow.

Rodney W. Bowman - Celmet Co., Inc

Ed Telling acted as Business Broker for selling my Contract manufacturing business. This was not an easy task. It is a challenge to sell a closely held manufacturing operation in New York State during the best of times. It is much more difficult during a severe downturn like the one we have experienced since the end of 2008. With Ed’s help we managed to pull it off.

Ed has several strengths. He has national reach. Though our business was most likely to be sold locally or regionally. Ed’s broad base of contacts greatly expanded the potential buyer base. He has a broad base of advisory contacts including Bank Officers, Tax Advisors, Real Estate Advisors, Lawyers, etc. that he can call on to help solve specific issues with moving a potential sale along. He works hard and tenaciously both in finding potential buyers and working with those potential buyers to find common ground for sale. He is a person of integrity that earns the trust of all parties he works with. He is a professional that has a well developed and successful process for evaluating a business, marketing a business, and negotiating the sale of the business. Ed’s enduring trait is that he never gives up even when roadblocks to bringing about a sale look almost impossible to overcome.

Ed’s strengths and extensive experience made him a valuable asset in bringing about the sale of my business.

Richard & Penny Spingarn - Eagle Printers

One of the things that made us very nervous about trying to sell was that we did not want our customers or competitors to find out. We are in a small college-town environment and information that could severely damage our business would spread very fast.

We contacted Ed Telling though a referral from our accountant. We found that Ed’s calculations about what we would realize from the sale were quite accurate. He also took our concern for confidentiality to heart and figured out how to successfully market our business without revealing our secret – – an amazing feat!

This was not an easy sale. The printing business was in the midst of huge changes. But Ed stuck steadfastly to the mission and we ended up selling to a much larger competitor. Our two companies had been fierce rivals for 25 years. But Ed delicately broke the ice and patiently put together a very favorable deal for us.

Stanley R. Tatara - Markar Products, Inc. / Rockford Products, Inc. / Extrudart Products, Inc.

Ed had worked diligently, finding potential buyers and preparing the right presentation to bring several potential buyers. I, in turn, decided the time was not right and although perhaps disappointed, Ed did not pressure me to make a deal. I appreciated his respect for the owner’s feelings and what a big decision it can be.

Years later when the time was right, I contacted Ed again for help. I was pleased with our working relationship, particularly working on my behalf during that crucial negotiation stage. I felt he increased the value of my sale and handled all aspects of the deal with professionalism.

Authur A. Diefendorf - Diefendorf Gear Corporation

Ed was, first and foremost, a total gentleman. His experience, his marketing resources, his handling of plant tours, his sense of timing, negotiating techniques, and his relationship with our employees, all proved invaluable to us. His ability to “handhold” during the entire process was superlative. His understanding of the need for confidentiality gave us great comfort. A successful sale was consummated in nine months.

Ed was a tireless worker for us, and the cost of his services may have been the best bargain we had in all our years in the business. It would be impossible for us to recommend him more highly!